Exceptional Incapacity Allowance

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Exceptional Incapacity Allowance

Post by Trooper on Sun 08 Oct 2017, 10:45 am

Exceptional Incapacity Allowance

If you are receiving a Disability Pension and are exceptionally incapacitated you may qualify for this tax-free monthly allowance. The amount of the allowance is based on the extent of the pain and loss of enjoyment or shortened life expectancy.

You may qualify for an Exceptional Incapacity Allowance if you are in receipt of:

  • a Disability Pension for condition(s) that total 98% or more; OR

  • a Disability Pension and a Disability Award for conditions that total 98% or more; OR

  • a Disability Pension and POW compensation that total 98% or more; AND

  • you have an exceptional incapacity that is a result of, in whole or in part, the condition(s) for which you are receiving a disability benefit.

Exceptional Incapacity Allowance Amounts: http://www.veterans.gc.ca/eng/services/rates#eia

NOTE: You cannot receive both the CIA and the EIA.



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