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From the Ministers Facebook Page

Post by Edgefore on Wed 04 Jul 2018, 11:07 am

Seamus O'Regan

July 04, 2018

We've made good on our promise to Veterans on reinstating a #PensionForLife.

This plan will help injured Veterans lead a full and productive life post-service.

It's monthly, tax-free, and for life.

Learn more here:

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Re: From the Ministers Facebook Page

Post by vet1 on Wed 04 Jul 2018, 4:33 pm

All I am getting from reading this 'guide' that there will be a lot of assessments that one will have to go through to qualify for any of those 'pain and suffering benefit'.


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Re: From the Ministers Facebook Page

Post by Trooper on Wed 04 Jul 2018, 7:45 pm

For the Minister to post this today out of the blue must mean his getting a lot of flack.

Looking at the responses from his post shows he has no friends (Veterans) that agree with him.

The Liberals have made some ground but very little too late, and took every single promise and twisted it to make it look like they kept their promises.

So now they need to be hit on the next election.

It's to late to try and negotiate with them now, those days have come and gone.

It's time to let the Country know why Veterans do not welcome another Liberal term.

It's a fact that any government elected is going to do the exact same thing with the file. No one party wants to bring back the pension act.

Vote and push against all of them I guess at every election.

The thing is there's no written law that forces the government to legislate what Veterans want. They know this and play the bureaucratic game well which results in what we see today. The pension act is gone which is why we are in the mess we are in today. It will continue to be a mess moving forward which is something we all must come to terms with. We are now in an insurance style system where the pension act was a sacrifice system.

So my advice is to forget about Seamus and the Liberals as they have showed their true colors.

The only thing we can do now is to push them out of office.

The PFL is great for the bureaucrats, bad for Veterans.


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Re: From the Ministers Facebook Page

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