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Post by Delta on Mon 09 Jul 2018, 4:42 pm

Seamus O'Regan is in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.

July 09, 2018

All hands on deck with this crew in Charlottetown.

We've commited $3.6 billion to reinstating a #PensionForLife for ill and injured Veterans,
and we're delivering on that promise.

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Mick McCann Liking your own posts is lame.

Alain Roy PFL is your way to cheap out the Veterans of the real.benefits owed to Veterans. ABL 2019

Jay Jorgensen I would hardly constitute your “delivering on your promise” with this shell game of re-titled existing offers and just providing them over a longer period.

Also delivering something normal requires actual resources making to those that need them most and this has only gotten worse since your involvement in VAC so this hardly can be considered “delivering” anything other than longer wait times and less accessible services essential for treatment.

Tony Belmore Do you get paid to troll and lie?

Clayton Goodwin Tony join up and see for yourself

Jay Jorgensen Tony Belmore I would love to understand how I am lying please elaborate. I know first hand wait times have increased far beyond what should be acceptable. I see nothing committed to address this.

No I am not paid I have a genuine concern for Veterans (myself included) which are forced to wait years to access services and treatment for injuries which can actually save their lives and improve their quality of life.

Or pay out of pocket for medications and treatment without being reimbursed.

If the WCB operated like VAC people would riot in the streets but us Veterans just are expected to use official channels while suffering. I think you Tony Belmore need to reconsider the treatment of our Veterans and the shameful approach this Government has approached us with is not acceptable.

Sonia Galante Jay Jorgensen thank you for your service. So you are saying you were better off with the previous government ?

Doug Roberts Sonia Galante lets make it political to justify despicable actions

Alain Roy Clayton Goodwin I don't think he is man enough.

Jay Jorgensen Sonia Galante I would have to state yes to this question based on wait times alone they were better under the Conservatives. I however feel all political parties are the problem with our government as they don’t permit the MP’s to vote as their constituents wish the MP’s have to “tow the party line”. Unfortunately wounded Veterans aren’t where they should ever consider reducing budgets but rather ensuring their needs are met, as they have already sacrificed more than most and just trying to survive their wounds that were the result of the governments request.

It doesn’t matter which party is in power when it comes to essential services such as this as it is the Government of the days obligatory requirement for the sacrifices made by so many. This includes RCMP which also use VAC.

I believe that Veterans need to establish their own political party to “always pursue solidarity” as this is the best interest of our great country. We need to put aside political issues and parties and actually do what is right for those which were injured while doing what their government asked of them.

Most Veterans understand “sacrifice” as do their families but true sacrifice is doing what’s required at all costs (up to and including our lives) and that when making decisions that impact others we were willing to pay those costs (at risk of harm to ourselves) with the understanding that our government and the people of this country would have our backs.

I was forced as were many of my colleagues to sign a change in terms of service that would have ensured we were taken care of under the Conservative Government and promised by Justin Trudeau that “we will not need to fight our government for the support and compensation” we have earned yet is is exactly what is happening.

Dave Mushing No, Mr. O'Regan, you have not made good on your promise.

"We will reinstate lifelong pensions, and increase their value in line with the obligation we have made to those injured in the line of duty" - Justin Trudeau, Aug 24 2015, to veterans at CFB Trenton.

Every single one of the nearly 700,000 veterans in Canada knows there was only one lifelong pension to "reinstate" - the Pension Act pension. Did you hear the word "option" leave his lips?


restore (someone or something) to their former position or condition.

You, sir, have done nothing but execute a massive bait and switch scam on Canada's veterans. And veterans will remember that during the next election.

Noah Starr It’s like this government doesn’t realize what veterans are. We sacrifice for others...

Why on earth do they think that we would settle for this excuse for a pension? We will continue to sacrifice so that our bothers and sisters can get the compensation we all deserve; simple.

Do the right thing Seamus O'Regan

Kim Davis Minister you are a little confused. You are not "reinstating" anything. If you were reinstating the pension it would be under the pension act. What you have done is renamed existing services.

Matt Edwards Prove it

Wes Davidson Your not reinstating anything. This is simply a new scheme to get out of the election promise made by the Prime Minister.

Tony Belmore LOL

Doug Roberts Tony the troll is out

Clayton Goodwin And rebranding old program to sell as Liberalganda

Matt Grassie Still wondering why Veterans are getting their Disability Awards (For disability suffered WHILE in Canada's Service) INCLUDED as income and "Grossed up" as if it were earned income? It doesn't make any sense. I carry the burden, my ex spouse gets to profit? Family Law Judges are circumventing The Pension Act, Section 30, Including exempted property, as in FLA Ontario, and arguably drafting orders that breach Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms as an example, Section 15 discriminating against someone who is disabled.....
My local (Federal) MP Maryam Monsef's office people basically passed the buck back to the Judicial Branch... But they are the ones DOING said actions in the first place.....
Veteran's Affairs Ombudsman's office says that it's wrong.... But Judicial Branch has to fix it....
What can YOU do Sir? To help end this practice?

Doug Roberts Hog wash rebranded regurgitated spin to cover a broken promise . Its not selling

Keith Tedford Smoke and mirrors.

Doug Roberts To add insult to injury we have 95 year old WW2 Veterans begging for assistance.This is sent from my friend Wolf Wm Solkin WWII Honourable Veteran.

Attention M. Michel Doiron, Assistant Deputy Minister, Veterans Affairs Canada.


I have repeatedly vowed to myself, and others, that I would refrain from further fuming furiously, about the cancerous staff situation infecting every single aspect of the daily lives of the Veterans at Ste. Anne's Hospital, because I have grown sick and tired of being sick and tired of listening to my own words, falling like so many trees in the forest, only to be unheard by the bungling bureaucratic buffoons, both Federal and Provincial, charged with (and well paid for) caring for our health and welfare, in the few and final years left to us.

However, the continued and increasingly egregious spread of this all-consuming disease, having "progressed"/descended/deteriorated from the unacceptable to the unbearable, over the past two years , three months and eight days, I am compelled to again vent my vitriolic views about the insensitive indifference, neglect and abandonment on the part of Veterans Affairs Canada, despite its public pledge to the contrary, which has deprived us aged and ailing Veterans of the level of care which we received, prior to the traumatic transfer of our once excellent hospital, to the inept and uncaring protocols and practices of the Province of Quebec.

Conditions of care, here and now, are worse than they were over two years ago, as inconceivable as that might seem. And the root of all this rotting disease, as I have so often openly reiterated, ad infinitum and ad nauseam, is, in a word, STAFF. For the benefit of the uninitiated, and the re-stimulation of the informed, I would remind one and all, that Ste. Anne's Hospital is seriously suffering from a severe shortage of sufficient staff, capable of doing even a barely adequate job of caring for its charges , from janitors to cardiologists, and every category between, particularly floor nurses and orderlies, who are the very foundation which enables this facility to function. Staff recruitment, retention, ratios, training, supervision and morale are all abysmally below par. . New, raw, poorly trained, inept, unmotivated, undedicated and constantly changing personnel, are (if and when they can be persuaded to work this far from home), now the new norm, to the decided detriment of the vast majority of the Veterans , especially those who are less cognitive than once they were.

The standards of care adhered to by the Province are, inarguably, significantly lower than those once maintained at the Federal level, and perhaps the worst example of this is the Province relying upon and resorting to the use of outside commercial agencies, in their desperate efforts to fill the frequent and numerous vacancies. Nor am I just generalizing, or citing second-hand information. This very morning an agency nurse (Edouard Paul, of the Agence Progresif) administered my medications, and, having learned my lesson from previous encounters with his ilk, I checked the meds, and concluded they were incomplete. When I told him of this, he strongly protested thar I was wrong, but when I insisted that he re-examine his records, he finally acknowledged that he had omitted to include a Bisoprolol pill, which is related to heart disease/stroke prevention. He claimed that it had not been included in the sachet from the Pharmacy, which is highly improbable, as those are filled and pre-sealed before delivery to the floor. . This afternoon, the same nurse came to me with my medication chart, asking me to verify which lunchtime meds were to be given to me, and in what form, and I painstakingly went over it with him. I eventually received the full and proper medication requirements, due to my own vigilance, and despite this agency-orderly's total inability to speak English, but I fear for those of my fellow-Vets who are less able than I to discern whether they are being properly medicated, and/or who are unable to communicate in French. For the record, this is at least the third time I have experienced this type of medicinal close call, within recent months, and it is symptomatic of so much that has gone so awry, in the often uncaring and carelesss care now given to the Veterans at Ste. Anne's.

I surely should not have to monitor my own meds, but under present circumstances of the infamous Ste.Anne's Staff Snafu, it could be life-threatening, were I to abdicate that role.

And I have not even touched upon the "untouchable" issue, of having had to lie in my own excrement for some forty-five minutes, before an unduly overworked orderly was available to change my soiled diaper. I am, by now, inured to enduring that manure, and feel fortunate that this was only my third such experience, under the penny-pinching Provincial patronage.

It is a confirmed fact that Veterans Affairs Canada has remitted well over twenty-seven million dollars to Quebec, during the first two years since the transition, as per diem/per Veteran subsidies,(and still ongoing), for the express purpose of guaranteeing that we would receive our pre-existing level of care, and in the official language of our choice. It is also a confirmed fact that those objectives have never even come close to realization. Which inevitably leads to the question of to what precise use was that substantial sum of money put , because it surely does not seem reflected in our quality of care. And, to this day, I have been unable to obtain an answer to that question, notwithstanding my repeated requests to you, and your superior's distinct directive for your accelerated action on that score.

There has been a plentitude of finger-pointing , in that Veterans Affairs Canada blames Quebec for not living up to their side of the tattered Transfer Agreement , but I contend that the Veterans' fingers should be pointed at VAC and its top brass, for not having protected us from such harmful and heinous treatment, as it was.....and still remains....their sworn and ultimate responsibility to safeguard us, until death us doth part, which isn't really that far off in any event, so why not do what is right by us, while we're still hanging in there, eh ?

I am unaware of what it is that specifically qualifies one, be it militarily, academically, or professionally, to serve, like you, as an Assistant Deputy Minister of Veterans Affairs, beyond simple survival, but I hope that those elements will soon be energetically engaged, and enable us Veterans to be served well and true, no more, but no less than is our due, by the elected representatives and hired employees alike, of the nation we once served.

It is my earnest, but likely forlorn hope, that I will not continue to be obliged, in future, to deliver myself of many more such loads of (literally and figuratively) dirty laundry....but that is up to what you and your associates decide to do, from here on in, because I will continue to howl to high heaven at you and your colleagues at VAC, until you ship out or shape up, and DO YOUR DUTY !

In full sincerity,

Lieut.(Ret.) Wolf William Solkin
Ste. Anne's Hospital


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Post by Trooper on Mon 09 Jul 2018, 6:26 pm

The bureaucrats sure did an excellent job running the Veterans file post April 01, 2006.

They managed to control every Veterans Minister to date.

I just hope Veterans remember all of this come election time. OH maybe we should be starting an anything but Liberal Today!


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