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Post by Newf on Thu 12 Jul 2018, 6:32 pm

I was just sent a link to a news story from the motherland...back on the rock and i really had to share it with you all.   Most, if not all, police officers who are medically discharged from the RCMP due to medical reasons cannot be shoved out the door of headquarters fast enough.  There is NO ceremony.  There is NO cake, finger foods, donuts or coffee to mark the officers contributions to the force.  There is NO plaque or gold watch. In fact, he/she will simply sign their retirement forms and drop their badge off to another officer then get escorted off RCMP property.  Not much of a celebration.

In Newfoundland, we have an old police dog that was rescued from a shelter years ago and the force is having a big celebration to mark his service and contributions of having seized millions in drugs.

When an organization puts more value to the contributions of an animal than it’s employees, there is something seriously fawked up.  I am still in total disbelief.

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Depart with Dignity-RCMP Empty Re: Depart with Dignity-RCMP

Post by Trooper on Thu 12 Jul 2018, 6:50 pm

Military Medical Releases for the most part are in-line with that release process.

A lot of the times members are away from their unit preparing for release for sometimes a long period of time before being medically released. Some can't even work because of the meds their taken. Most hang around the MIR before heading out the gate.

In reality were just a number in a system that has it's beginning and end.

With the RCMP one thing they have on their side is the pension act. This is outstanding for those getting medically released. It gives them more security and time to concentrate on their medical condition/conditions.


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