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 Aaron Bedard Steps Down Empty Aaron Bedard Steps Down

Post by Edgefore on Sun 02 Sep 2018, 7:25 pm

Aaron Bedard Sept 02, 2018
6 long long years of hard advocacy ends with a ruling of a single word “DISMISSED”. We had to work up to this supreme level legally to see how our highest court can simply say “DISMISSED” with no explanation. That’s our “JUSTICE” systems response from chief JUSTICES appointed by our PMO.

So our hammer is broken and our bargaining power is gone. What’s next? Who will pick up the hammer next? I have done enough. I have pushed myself far beyond my limits with marginal results. Hopefully powerful speakers can rise up and start a new movement to restore the pressure we absolutely need at this most critical moment in our history.

We veterans have no legal protection. None. Zero. Animals and plants have more legal protection than we do. While I’m at it I will add that we have the least support of any minority group in Canada today. Yes, people always say the obligatory, thank you for your service and wear the obligatory poppy for the RCL. Likely about 3% of our society attend remembrance day. There a lot of work to do on these points.

Public polling shows strong support for veterans but we haven’t really broken through enough so they understand why we need their support. The minister of veteran affairs has been doing a stellar job of speaking over us. We as a whole have not been sharing efforts and when I go through the shares of a single post. 99% of your friends don’t like or comment or share your posts. Is their a GoC plant in Facebook doing this?
Regardless. We must continue this effort, But It will have to be without me. I’m mentally and physically fatigued to the point where my cholesterol, chest pains, headaches and vision loss is at its worse. For my family I must become a behind the scenes advisor now. I have the biggest Rolodex of contacts of all of us and that will always be available. But for my health and especially for my family I must take my bow and step aside.

Thank you to everyone who consistently supported me through the past 6 years. Your less than 100 persons but you have become my friends and that’s the most important thing I’ve taken from this. I’ve made good friends in every corner of our big country. You will always be welcome in my home my friends. Thank you!

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Post by Trooper on Mon 03 Sep 2018, 8:49 am

Six years is a long time being Aaron was at it almost 24/7. I'm surprised he lasted this long. The ignorance of this government towards it's disabled Veterans is evident mostly in the eyes of disabled Veterans, not so much so in the eyes of the general public. The past, and present Minister of Veterans Affairs have done and excellent job through the well guidance of the bureaucrats in speaking over us,
as Aaron stated "The minister of veteran affairs has been doing a stellar job of speaking over us." We have seen countless media interviews with Aaron where he has showed the courage to speak on our behalf. It is one of those situations where no one Veteran would ever expect to have to stand up publicly against it's own government for the benefit of disabled Veterans. We owe a great deal of respect for Aaron in the sacrifice, and fight he has endured throughout his time at the front line, regardless of any differences that may have taken place.

We now all know the outcome of the Equitas law suit, and we all know why it was dismissed. I think Equitas team, and all plaintiffs deserve credit, and appreciation for everything they have done from start to finish. Again who would ever expect their own government to turn their backs on us, and force us to take them to court. However in my opinion not all is lost in the dismissal, we now have a clear understanding that without anything written in law to protect us, we as disabled Veterans cannot use the courts with respect to the Veterans file. We need to chalk this up as a learning experience, and move on.

Moving forward will also be a challenge, we still have divisions among us which plays in the hands of the government. What has happen in the past most likely will continue moving forward. We have more Veterans sites being created whereas each one has it's own agenda. Past history of negotiating with the government will continue so will we be played by feeding their PR system. Not all Legions are bad, and not all should be painted with the same brush, however the top management along with certain agendas, and the fact that the Legion is side by side with the MVA, and the government leaves me to believe that the Legion, along with the MVA, and the federal government needs to be boycotted by all disabled Veterans, and Veteran groups! We know this will never happen which will unfortunately lead us back to square one. If we don't learn by our mistakes we will never, never, never make headway. In my opinion we need an organization that is willing to completely boycott all government, and Legions, we need to stick to one simple plan like the return of the pension act. We need to stop all fights towards what is being legislated in terms of benefits past, and forward, this only confuses the media, and the public, and works for the government as they use our fight to talk over us with the bureaucratic spin they so often use. There's no place in advocating for those with egos, this only hurts our cause, and further divides us which of course plays right into the governments hand. These Town Halls, Sub, Senate committee meetings, Stakeholder summits or anything that is an event controlled by the MVA, government needs to be boycotted by every single Veteran out there. Pre 2006 these events could result in some proactive measures, but in today's world this is the worse thing that we could attend. They use this to give the impression they care, and are listening and acting on what Veterans have to say, but in reality the government uses it purely for PR. A few years back they created an advisory committee which also turned out to be equal to the above PR tactics. But again, and again we fall for it. Why is this? When I was over at CSAT I called to boycott these events but was shot down for a reason that we need to know what goes on at these events. I disagree with this because with the online tools of today we could get that info from our home computers, so today I stand by this.

Having said all of that I completely understand that no one Veteran join the forces thinking they would become disabled due to service let alone have to fight, (advocate) against their own government for benefits. In particular a system that once was in place the pension act. It really is a learn as we go situation, but we should learn by our past history, and never repeat mistakes from our history.


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 Aaron Bedard Steps Down Empty Re: Aaron Bedard Steps Down

Post by Vizzer1 on Mon 03 Sep 2018, 4:21 pm

Fighting this government is an uphill battle.

It will burn you out quicker than you think.

I would have never served knowing what I know now.
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 Aaron Bedard Steps Down Empty Re: Aaron Bedard Steps Down

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