Attendance Allowance

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Attendance Allowance

Post by Trooper on Sun 08 Oct 2017, 12:16 pm

Attendance Allowance Pension Act Benefit



For the purposes of Attendance Allowance eligibility:

"awarded a pension or compensation" is defined as in receipt of a Disability Pension of 1% or more or Prisoner of War compensation.

"totally disabled by reason of military service or not" is defined as an applicant who meets the definition of "totally disabled" in accordance with Table 1 of this policy.

"in need of attendance" is defined as the need for assistance or supervision of another individual with feeding, bathing, dressing, toileting, mobility or medication administration, that is not already being met by benefits, services or care provided to the client by VAC pursuant to veterans' legislation or any other program, including but not limited to federal, provincial, municipal or community programs, whereby the benefits services or care is provided at no expense to the client.

Attendance Allowance

Attendance Allowance is an additional tax-free monthly assistance to individuals who:

have a Disability Pension of 1% or more or receive Prisoner of War compensation;
are totally disabled, whether by reason of military service or not; AND
need help with daily living tasks.
The amount payable is based on the degree of attendance needed for your day-to-day personal care.

Attendance Allowance eligibility


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