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Veterans Affairs Canada Facebook Oct 01, 2018 Empty Veterans Affairs Canada Facebook Oct 01, 2018

Post by Alpha on Tue 02 Oct 2018, 11:22 am

We’ll be at CFB Gagetown from October 2-4 to answer questions and help people sign up for My VAC Account.

You can find us near the J7 Theater from 8am to 4pm.

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'Sylvain Collin Defrauding Canada

The title seems ominous and it is meant that way. The Canadian government has embarked on what is certainly a propaganda exercise to deceive the public, including the disabled Veterans that became disabled fighting Canada’s wars.

For example, the alleged Pain & Suffering Compensation (PSC) used to be known as the Disability Award (DA). It is a monthly payment for life but is not a payment designed to compensate for pain and suffering. It appears nearly certain to be a replacement for the DA which pays based on the percentage of disability assigned by Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC). That is what is known as a fatal flaw. Conflict of interest. The payment can be lowered by not assigning the correct percentage. But, how do they measure the degree of pain & suffering? That is a totally subjective measure. So they will probably have to do up a questionnaire where the Veteran tells VAC about the pain they feel. Then their answers won’t be taken seriously because a high rating pays more.

On a related note, the disabled Veteran can choose to receive a lump sum but the default has changed to a monthly payment. This is 100% in reverse of what the law stated before. Perhaps we should read the record of debate, the Hansard, to see why this change of direction was taken. However, the earlier Hansard provides evidence for us to evaluate this law reversal. In the past, it was stated by Members of Parliament that the disabled Veteran could not manage his’ money because of the pain and suffering so the removal of freedom to spend the lump sum was seen as the answer. In that way, the poor Veteran who cannot make the right choices cannot waste all of their money at once. They would have to waste their money annually if they chose to take the annual option introduced in 2010 or 2011. The 2019 change is just a small change but the government would have you believe this is exactly what the disabled Veterans of Canada asked for in much publicized criticism of the changes to the way damages are paid to them.

That brings credibility to the fore. Was the change in the DA’s annual payment to a monthly payment what disabled Canadian Veterans were led to believe when Prime Minister Trudeau campaigned before the last federal election? I can say, with absolute certainty, no. They wanted, and be careful you don’t get what you wish for, a full return of the Pension Act of 1919. They made important life decisions, like who to vote for, on that promise. Just like the important life decision they made to put Canada’s National Defence public policy interest ahead of personal safety when they joined the military.

Fraud is when someone uses deceit or deception to place another person’s economic interests at risk (Olan SCC 1978). Lying to the public to get elected is fraud, isn’t it? Lying to the soldier to get them to join up then not living up to the promises to take care of them upon disability is fraud, right? Clawing back anything from their damages is fraud, right? Failing to pay them the correct amount based on the real assessment of disability is fraud, right? Cutting them off at the drop of a hat is fraud.

Government relies on consent of the governed, in a democracy.

I decry the consent given under fraudulent means. Obtaining political power through fraud is harmful to democracy. It cannot stand.

We need an investigation into the Veterans Well-being Act (VWA) to see if the alleged “benefits” are nothing more than a sham. Are they the exact same things under a new name?

'Sylvain Collin HAVE FUN
VAC ignores mountains of hard physical evidence, and never gives the Veteran the benefit of the doubt. Nothing is done in accordance with policy, procedure or protocol. They know that the average Veteran can't take them to court for a multi-decade long court experience. Which as we found out with the Equitas case a couple of weeks ago won't end well for the Veteran.
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