Bureaucracy at it's best!

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Bureaucracy at it's best!

Post by Trooper on Tue 17 Oct 2017, 10:31 am

Bureaucracy at it's best!

Listen carefully at this video and you will learn just how good these bureaucrats are at fooling the general public on the governments quest to defend a system that is just indefensible. He blames the media on reporting miss information, then he says that only a few Veterans are unhappy with the New Charter. Listen closely and you will hear him dance around the main problem of taken away our tax free lifelong pension. He uses what he calls improvements in benefits and PTSD, closing of offices, and transition to civilian life against what was in place prior to 2006. What he fails to address is the long term security that was taken away. Veterans need to be given long term security first, everything else should be common sense in enhancing benefits for disabled Veterans. These are the types of individuals who need to be publicly challenged and put in their place. They should be brought in front of an open independent public board. These individuals are not Veteran friendly, this is just one example of the injustice disabled Veterans have to endure from their government.

Policy Veterans Affairs Canada

By Paul Young, CPA, CGA



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