Veteran says Canada is worse off now than at any time in his lifetime

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Veteran says Canada is worse off now than at any time in his lifetime Empty Veteran says Canada is worse off now than at any time in his lifetime

Post by Guest on Fri 26 Oct 2018, 8:32 am

Veteran says Canada is worse off now than at any time in his lifetime Deltalogo

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OCTOBER 24, 2018 07:05 AM


I am in what is generally referred to as the twilight of one's life; however, reaching the age of 100 might be nice but despite not being too far off, I doubt that or any of my generation will arrive at that lofty age.

The reason is the lack of understanding among the current lot of federal politicians who insist on destroying what my generation, my parents’ generation and those who survived the rigours of the "War Years" that provided the foundation for the Canada that the Trudeau Liberals and their ilk are intent on destroying brick by brick.

After three years in Ottawa with the Justin Trudeau in charge, Canada is worse off than at any time in its history of my lifetime - even the Great Depression. During the period following the 1929 Stock Market Crash and the decade-long GD, Canadians, while having very little, at least had the knowledge that by their hard work [I lived on a Saskatchewan farm] and a federal government that was as eager to end the plight of depression, things might improve despite the worst that the news from Europe brought on a near-constant basis.

Today, Canadians live in a constant that is worrisome and at the same time, lacks a future that might lead to economic prosperity, improved services and lower taxes. Legalizing dope, while earning vast sums of profit for certain enterprises, will not help the poor or the downtrodden nor the veterans whom Trudeau says are asking for too much while tossing oodles and oodles of taxpayers' money out the back door and giving it to countries and agencies that have the death of Canada as their prime objective.

Trudeau's actions are comparable to a nutcase who insists on shooting himself in the foot while giving his enemy the money to buy both the gun and ammunition. Foolish is a polite word for what Trudeau and his Liberals, including this riding's near-invisible MP, have done and continue to do.

So, yes, I would like to live to attain the magical age of 100 years but based on the uncertainty of the federal Liberal government's actions and inactions over the past three years, I am in doubt as to whether there might even be a Canada for me to live were I to reach that ripe old age.

My headstone will bear the words, "Thanks to Justin Trudeau, here lies a veteran who gave his all but received only lies and disrespect and deceit in return."

Bob Orrick, CD


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