Persian Gulf War Veterans Forgotten

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Persian Gulf War Veterans Forgotten Empty Persian Gulf War Veterans Forgotten

Post by Samwell on Wed 12 Dec 2018, 5:58 pm

‘We’ve Been Forgotten,’ Says Persian Gulf War Veterans Association

December 12, 2018

Persian Gulf War Veterans Forgotten Poppy-Pin-Earl-Noble

“We’ve been forgotten.”

That’s the assessment of the President of Persian Gulf War Veterans Association, Newfoundlander Harold Davis.

Some 5,000 Canadian men and women served in the Persian Gulf, a military operation from 1990 to 1991 dubbed “Operation Desert Shield.”

While there were no Canadian casualties in the action, veterans have since succumbed to suicide and cancers, with many suffering from what is now recognized as “Gulf War Illness.”

Davis is originally from Bell Island but now lives in British Columbia.

He says Persian Gulf veterans have been virtually forgotten by their country.

He says those who served in Afghanistan are receiving some recognition, but not what they deserve.

Davis says while they didn’t lose any members in action, they’ve lost a lot since, and as a result they’ve been completely forgotten. He asks when was the last time you remember hearing about a Persian Gulf veteran being recognized in Remembrance Day ceremonies.


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