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Post by Trooper on Wed Jan 16, 2019 3:39 pm

Walt Natynczyk
Walt Natynczyk Walter-natynczyk-bio

Who is he?

What role does he have with Veterans?

What affect does he have towards disability benefits for disabled Veterans?

How much weight does he hold over the Veterans file?

Walt Natynczyk is the Deputy Minister of Veterans Affairs. He was appointed Deputy Minister of Veterans Affairs Canada effective November 3, 2014.

The following is my own personal view/opinion towards Walt Natynczyk.

To me I see Mr. Walt Natynczyk to be the one individual who holds the most influence/power over the Veterans Affairs File.

I also believe that Mr. Walt Natynczyk holds OR bears full responsibility for his incompetence set forward in leading past Ministers of Veterans Affairs, those bureaucrats that work below him, and lastly failure to meet the needs, respect for disabled Veterans of this Country since November 2014.

I have been known to criticize Ministers of Veterans Affairs for not being able OR capable of pushing back OR taking control over the bureaucrats allowing them to fully run the file. I still believe this to be the case, however there's another piece of accountability/blame missing that I'm about to explain.

Once a Minister of Veterans Affairs becomes appointed in that portfolio, the first stop is to the Deputy Minister of Veterans Affairs. It is there where in this case Natynczyk goes over the file with the new Minister. Now we have to understand that new appointments into this file is for the most part a learning experience for the appointee. It has complexity built into the file, at least since 2006. So the appointee will only understand what Natynczyk explains. After all this is political, Veterans are not heard. Natynczyk holds no political stripes, he really has no accountability to anyone simply because his superior, the Minister, is being given the overall by himself. Think about this for a minute...here we have the start of an appointment being directed by the leader of the very bureaucrats responsible for the chaos within Veterans Affairs. And yes there is chaos. Of course Natynczyk will down play this using his fabricated language he so often uses.

Natynczyk will not explain to the new Minister that the funding for medically released Veterans also funds regular released Veterans. This is a very important point to not relay to the person in charge of our file. Remember the Ministers only know the basics of our file. They rely on Natynczyk to know in depth the file. Natynczyk paraded around with past Ministers in town-halls, stakeholder summits selling what HE, and his team created. Natynczyk has tried to keep his head high, proud of his benefit changes, he, and his team succeeded in having all past Ministers sign off on.

Walt Natynczyk has allowed the Veterans file to continue to be an insurance style system. He takes pride in speaking about the half ass work, he, and his team created. We all remember O'Regan saying at numerous public events that he would never go back to the pension of 1919. Where do you think he got that opinion from? Did he read it somewhere? Did his Brother tell him that? OR did he get it from Walt Natynczyk?

Walt Natynczyk has had numerous occasions since his appointment in Nov 2014 to walk away from the insurance style system he supports, he could have easily instructed his team to draft legislation that would support a back to sacrifice for service system. To put it bluntly Walt Natynczyk has totally failed, and betrayed Disabled Veterans in this Country. He has had, and still has the ability to bring back fairness but refused to even consider it. He is Disrespectful towards he's fellow soldiers. I personally have no respect for the guy, I have no interest in hearing anything he has to say OR sell. He is worst then a disappointment, he is a disgrace towards Disabled Veterans.

Walt Natynczyk holds the power to bring back fairness, and sacred obligation for service & sacrifice. He has had that power since Nov 2014. He is ignorant to the wishes of Disabled Veterans of this Country. Shameful is a good word to describe his character.

So I would say that the appointed Ministers to Veterans Affairs hold responsibility for failing to oversee the bureaucrats below them, and to allow those bureaucrats to run the Veterans file......But even more so, it is Walt Natynczyk, and only Walt Natynczyk who had the power/influence to fix the Veterans file in a way that would satisfy Disabled Veterans across this Country. Instead he turn the other way, and betrayed us all!




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