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Training Exercise Empty Training Exercise

Post by Zodiac on Sun 27 Jan 2019, 5:58 pm

Canadian soldiers suffer frostbite during winter training

CBC News · Posted: Jan 27, 2019

Roughly 20 soldiers needed treatment during exercise in extreme cold

Training Exercise Frostbite
About 20 Canadian Armed Forces soldiers suffered frostbite during a winter training exercise that began on Jan. 17, 2019.

About 20 Canadian Armed Forces members suffered frostbite, and some required hospitalization, following a military training session near Petawawa, Ont., held earlier this month in extremely cold weather.

On Jan. 17-18, nearly 120 soldiers with the Royal Canadian Dragoons participated in basic winter survival training while the temperature dropped to –31 C.

The soldiers, part of the immediate response unit (IRU) vanguard, left in the morning on a 12-kilometre march and returned the next day after spending the night outside.

Approximately 20 soldiers reported frostbite or minor hypothermia, and "a very small number" had to be hospitalized for more serious cold-related injuries, said public affairs officer Capt. Daniel Mazurek.

Mazurek said medical staff and ambulances were present during the training to provide care. The frostbite cases were treated immediately, he said, and soldiers with more pressing injures were taken to hospital.

No amputations were necessary, Mazurek said, and all the soldiers sent to hospital have now returned home or are back at work.

Training Exercise Maj-kevin-wong

'We must accept some risks'

Maj. Kevin Wong was one of the soldiers taking part in the training. He said it was a "no-notice exercise," meaning they were only told it was taking place only a few hours beforehand.

"We do this more than once a year." Wong told Radio-Canada.

"We train for the worst-case scenario [in] the harshest conditions, whether it's cold or hot, whether it's on land or near water. We have to be ready to respond to the needs of Canadians."

Mazurek said that IRU soldiers are required to tackle emergencies like floods or ice storms "on a moment's notice," and therefore exercises in such extreme conditions, while difficult, are also necessary.

"Our job is to protect Canadians, regardless of the environment or situation," he said. "To prepare for this incredible responsibility we must accept some risks."

Training Exercise Equipment-armed-forces-petawawa-winter-training

'Serious lack of leadership'

Retired colonel Michel Drapeau, however, said he believes the soldiers were exposed to significant risk.

"It is a serious lack of leadership, and we should not put our young people at risk in this way," he said.

Nevertheless, Drapeau agreed that Canadian troops must be ready to operate and survive in Arctic climates, hence the importance of training in harsh conditions.

"Canadian soldiers are trained for this kind of exercise — and are much better equipped than the general population — but sometimes commanders want to push their troops," Drapeau said.

"There is a fine line between pushing their soldiers … and abusing their power as commanders."

Training Exercise Michel-drapeau
Retired colonel Michel Drapeau said the soldiers who took part in the winter training exercise near Petawawa, Ont., were exposed to significant risk of frostbite. (

Richard Blanchette, a retired major and the chair of the Royal Canadian Legion's defence and security committee, said that the injuries sustained by the soldiers during the training were not "normal."

Blanchette said those types of injuries can occur when training conditions are extremely difficult — but also if the equipment wasn't suitable for the situation.

With files from Yasmine Mehdi


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Training Exercise Empty Re: Training Exercise

Post by Zephariah on Mon 28 Jan 2019, 8:47 am

January 27, 2019

Army reserve soldiers take part in military exercises in Lethbridge

Training Exercise Military-pic


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Training Exercise Empty Re: Training Exercise

Post by Rockarm on Tue 29 Jan 2019, 3:44 pm

Training Exercise A-Canadian-Forces-member-takes-a-quick-dip-in-Long-Lake-as-part-of-a-cold-water-immersion-training-.jpg?zoom=1

Canadian Forces take a polar plunge in Long Lake

By Sarah Pruys – January 29, 2019

Lieutenant Brandon Gabel has plunged into Yellowknife’s Long Lake not once, but twice this January, as temperatures hover below -30C.

Gabel is an advisor for the Arctic Operations Advisor course, offered through the Trenton, Ontario-based Canadian Army Advanced Warfare Centre.

Part of his job? Teaching cold-water immersion to the 24 Canadian Forces members taking three weeks of survival training in Yellowknife and Resolute Bay, Nunavut.

“The purpose of the cold-water immersion training is to simulate actually falling through the ice and having to rescue yourself,” Gabel explained.

“So it’s designed to build confidence of the candidates if they were to break through the ice and end up in cold water.

“This training gets candidates the skills and tools to ensure they don’t become another statistic.”

Gabel first went through a pre-cut hole in the ice on January 18, to practice before the candidates arrived.

Then he volunteered to demonstrate again on Monday, when he said the water was just half a degree Celsius.

“The initial feeling when you hit the water is a cold shock response. So your body begins to hyperventilate and react to the shock of that cold water surrounding you.

“So at that point in time, what you really need to concentrate on is returning to the ice in the direction that you came and controlling your breathing by taking deep breaths and making sure that you don’t hyperventilate,” he advised.

“What we’ve been taught is that you want to have that under control within one minute, followed by that you have 10 minutes where you are going to have meaningful movement in your extremities.

“That’s the time period that want to be getting out of the ice and getting into something warm and dry before your body seizes up to the point that you can’t actually conduct that those movements.

“You’ll find that when your hands and feet are really cold, you’re going to have trouble moving, utilizing buttons and zippers on your clothes, and making those movements with dexterity.”

Gabel cautioned that people who fall through the ice have about one hour to get warm – otherwise, they can lose consciousness from hypothermia.

The candidates, who all successfully made it out of the lake without going hypothermic, will next be facing a survival exercise and ground search-and-rescue tasks near Yellowknife for “an undisclosed number of days” before they head to Resolute.

Over in Nunavut, they’ll receive training from the Canadian Rangers, including how to construct igloos and shelters.


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Training Exercise Empty Re: Training Exercise

Post by Apollo on Fri 01 Feb 2019, 6:34 pm

Training Exercise 15379336_web1_GN04-2018-0053-002-640x427@2x
Army dive teams from the Canadian Armed Forces along with partnering NATO countries participate in Exercise Roguish Buoy 2018, the Canadian Army`s annual combat diving training event held near Gagetown, New Brunswick, Jan. 30 to Feb. 12, 2018.

Military divers training in Cultus Lake this month

DND notifying the public to be alert of soldiers in the water near Chilliwack

PAUL HENDERSON / Feb. 1, 2019

If you see military vehicles on Columbia Valley Highway this month, and army divers in Cultus Lake, don’t worry, no one is invading.

It’s the Canadian Forces School of Military Engineering (CFSME) training combat divers on Exercise Roguish Buoy 2019.

The Department of National Defence (DND) Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) want to alert the public that the school will be conducting the training from Feb. 2 to 27 this year.

It’s part of an annual training exercise they conduct, which last year took place was near Gagetown, New Brunswick.

This training comes one month after the military engineers were at Cultus for their annual bridge-building training.

While DND/CAF say Exercise Roguish Buoy 2019 will have no effect on regular public access or usage of Cultus Lake, the military requests people remain attentive in the area “to help ensure the safest possible environment for their military personnel both above and below the waterline.”

“The purpose of Exercise Roguish Buoy 2019 is to enable the army’s Combat Divers to practise their skills, tactics and procedures, while also employing new lessons learned through recent operations by Canadian and allied militaries,” according to a notice from the military. “This exercise will be conducted in a safe and environmentally responsible manner, in compliance with Canadian Armed Forces safety regulations and applicable environmental protection regulations.”



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Post by Spider on Tue 05 Feb 2019, 7:06 am

Canadian military to hold training maneuvers in Markham

Bryan Passifiume > Published: February 4, 2019

Training Exercise 13x120_57d8_9-e1549336054638

Residents living in the north end of Markham are being advised of upcoming daylight training exercises planned by members of the Canadian Forces.

The maneuvers, to be held by members of 4 Canadian Division, will begin on Wednesday and run until Feb. 11 in the area of Markham Fairgrounds, near McCowan Rd. and Elgin Mills Rd.

Division spokesman Lt. Nadine Abou Rjeily says members of the public may notice military vehicles — as well as soldiers wearing gas masks and tactical gear — while the exercises are underway.

Soldiers taking part in the training will be unarmed, she added.

While every effort is being taken not to inconvenience residents, the area surrounding the training exercise will be closed to the public.

The 4 Canadian Division consists of over 13,000 regular and reserve members in units spread across 46 Ontario communities, and are responsible for providing combat-ready land forces for a variety of missions.
On Twitter: @bryanpassifiume


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Training Exercise Empty Re: Training Exercise

Post by RevForce on Wed 06 Feb 2019, 8:49 pm

St. Marys residents to see large military presence as part of province-wide exercise

By Jacquelyn LeBel / February 6, 2019

Training Exercise Photo-credit-canadian-armed-forces-3
St. Marys residents will see a military presence as an exercise called Trillium Dragon 19 gets underway.

via Canadian Armed Forces

Residents in St. Marys can expect a large military presence in the town Thursday to Sunday.

London-based 31 Canadian Brigade Group (31 CBG) will be conducting an emergency response exercise as part of a larger, province-wide exercise dubbed Trillium Dragon 19.

“Exercise TRILLIUM DRAGON will demonstrate our ability to deploy a capable and well-led Territorial Battalion Group headquarters, which will demonstrate an ability to command, control and communicate with soldiers responding to a crisis scenario in Southwestern Ontario,” said Col. Chris Poole, commander 31 Canadian Brigade Group, in a release.

“The exercise will help to improve and sustain our readiness in support of Canadians wherever — and whenever — we are needed.”

Training Exercise Photo-credit-canadian-armed-forces-1

The exercise is based on a simulated domestic emergency scenario, designed to provide realistic responses to potential emergencies and requests for assistance that could result from natural disasters like flooding, ice storms, or other disasters.

The portion of the exercise to be held in St. Marys will take place at the Pyramid Recreation Centre.

“This challenging exercise is an excellent opportunity for our soldiers to test their ability to react to any disaster in the region, and act accordingly,” said Lt Col. John Hodgins in a statement.

“We definitely appreciate the support of the local community, their patience and co-operation, and the support of our partners at the Town of St. Marys.”


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Training Exercise Empty Re: Training Exercise

Post by Spider on Fri 08 Feb 2019, 7:49 am

Military exercise to take place in Nepean

Feb 8, 2019

The 33 Canadian Brigade Group HQ will be performing exercises in the Bellwood area.

Training Exercise 013119-canadian-armed-forces-military-cfb-soldier-troops-adobestock_220837204

A military exercise will take place in the Bellwood area of Nepean from February 8 to 11.

The 33 Canadian Brigade Group HQ will be conducting a series of exercises in the area of the Tactical Systems Integration Lab.

Members of the public may notice small teams of soldiers, as well as military vehicles.

Most of the activity will happen during the day.

Military personnel who are taking part in the exercise will not be armed.

The Canadian Armed Forces are advising the public in the Nepean region not to be alarmed.

Measures are being taken to minimize public inconvenience, but certain areas may be inaccessible due to the exercises.


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Training Exercise Empty Re: Training Exercise

Post by Gridlock on Fri 08 Feb 2019, 10:27 am

Training Exercise Winter-Warfare-Training

Winter war training in Thedford area


Soldiers from the London area are training in Lambton Shores this weekend.

The Canadian Armed Forces says about 75 members of its reserve unit are conducting a winter warfare exercise in the Thedford area Friday until Sunday.

Captain Joshua MacAulay said they’ll be testing practical skills around residential areas and farm land.

“Things like snaring, land navigation, surviving in cold weather environments,” said MacAulay. “We have qualified instructors who are supervising all of the training and the Thedford area proved to be a good spot with its open fields. They can do maneuvers quite easily without being tangled up in the branches or a forest.”

McAulay said while most of the activities will happen during daylight hours, there will be some scenarios executed at night.

Residents may see military vehicles and personnel participating in exercises with unloaded weapons.

He says certain areas may be inaccessible during the exercises, but there will be no firing of any ammunition.

Members of the public are asked to take extra caution when approaching any military vehicles in the area.


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Training Exercise Empty Re: Training Exercise

Post by Alpha on Sun 10 Feb 2019, 8:11 pm

Armed forces train for emergencies in St. Marys

Feb 10, 2019

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Training Exercise Empty Re: Training Exercise

Post by Cool~Way on Mon 11 Feb 2019, 1:41 pm


MONDAY, FEB. 11TH, 2019

Training Exercise TN12-2018-0050-012-750x420
Command post set-up and briefing for Ex Ready Renaissance held at Bakers Island in Trenton, Ontario on February 21, 2018. Image by: Corporal Ken Beliwicz, 8 Wing Imaging ©️2018 DND-MDN Canada

NORTHERN VANCOUVER ISLAND, B.C. – Starting next week, roughly 100 Canadian Armed Forces members will be on the North Island to hone their skills, in the event of a natural disaster.

The members will be conducting a training exercise in and around Comox, Campbell River, Quadra Island and Nanaimo from Feb. 17 to March 1.

This year, Vancouver Island has been selected for Exercise READY RENAISSANCE, the annual training of the Disaster Assistance Response Team (DART).

This team consists of Canadian Armed Forces members and can be deployed when natural disasters and emergencies happen outside Canada.

Participants will conduct liaison and reconnaissance tasks across the North Island, to exercise support to Global Affairs Canada in a fictitious disaster scenario taking place abroad.

Canadian Armed Forces members may be dressed in civilian clothing or uniform and will carry identification at all times.

The scenario does not include exercises with weapons or ammunition.

Civilian rental vehicles will be used to transport members.

The Maritime Coastal Defence Vessel HMCS Nanaimo will also be part of the exercise, and might be seen from shore.

According to a release, this type of training is necessary to prepare Canadian Armed Forces and Government of Canada to response to a disaster that may occur in the world.

“The Canadian Armed Forces appreciates the public support in this matter,” the release said.


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Training Exercise Empty Re: Training Exercise

Post by Stealth99 on Mon 11 Feb 2019, 5:41 pm

Local Army reservists host US Forces for winter training

SARAH GAWDIN / Feb. 11, 2019

Training Exercise 15500538_web1_190211-HSL-Local-Army-Hosts-US-Troops-at-Manning2-640x427@2x
Oregon Army National Guard troops from the 2nd Battalion, 162nd Infantry Regiment, 41st Infantry Brigade Combat Team, and soldiers from the Royal Westminster Regiment, pull a toboggan along their snowshoe march during EXERCISE WESTIE AVALANCHE, January 27, 2019, at E.C. Manning Provincial Park, British Columbia, Canada. (Photo by Sgt. 1st Class April Davis, Oregon Military Department Public Affairs)


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Post by Cal07 on Wed 13 Feb 2019, 4:20 pm

Canadian Medical Emergency Response Team completes aeromedical evacuation course

Training Exercise Orac1
Operational Readiness Aeromedical Course (ORAC) students, instructors and support staff posing in front of a CH-147 Chinook. Photo: Corporal J. Smith

Tags: International | Operations & Exercises | RCAF | Training

From November 19 to 30, 2018, Canadian Medical Evacuation Team (CMERT) personnel deployed on Operation PRESENCE Roto 1 participated in the Operational Readiness Aeromedical Course (ORAC) at 450 Tactical Helicopter Squadron (THS).

The ORAC is a clinically focused Forward Aeromedical Evacuation (Fwd AE) course, instructed by physicians and nurses of the Royal Netherlands Air Force (RNLAF).

For the first time in the Canadian Forces Health Services Group (CF H Svcs Gp), training was exclusively provided to CF H Svcs personnel, in Canada, by a training cadre made up entirely of instructors from another country.

Many of the RNLAF instructors have ties to the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) as graduates of the aeromedical evacuation course provided by CF H Svcs Gp and Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) personnel at 426 Squadron, Trenton.

This unique partnership provided the CMERT the opportunity to experience high quality training, close to home, on CAF aircraft – the CH-147 Chinook. CF H Svcs and 450 THS personnel supported the course by providing liaisons, casualty simulation, and aircraft and crew.

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Post by Terrarium on Wed 13 Feb 2019, 8:16 pm

Training Exercise Mycampbellrivernow



Training Exercise Explosion-Shot-750x420
An explosion is captured on a video still during training at CFB Comox on February 13th, 2019. Photo by James Wood/98.9 The Goat/Vista Radio


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Post by Hammercore on Mon 18 Feb 2019, 7:04 pm

Van Isle hosts troops from across Canada for military exercise

By NanaimoNewsNOW Staff
February 18, 2019

Training Exercise MILITARY%20EXCERCISE
Members of the Canadian Armed Forces meet prior to a mock natural disaster exercise off the east side of Vancouver Island.

ANAIMO — An annual military training exercise simulating a mock natural disaster scenario outside Canada is underway on the central and north Island.

Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) announced 100 of their troops from across Canada who are also part of the Disaster Assistance Response Team are training in Nanaimo and Campbell River between Feb 17 and March 1.

CAF public affairs officer major Gabriel Rousseau said the exercise includes a naval defence ship HMCS Nanaimo, which will be used in the waters off Campbell River.

He said the no weapons or ammunition will be used, while uniformed and uniformed military members will carry ID at all times.

“It's a team that we put together when disaster happens, so you have people from Quebec and New Brunswick for example. All of those specialists are re-grouped for the exercise,” Rousseau said.

The training is geared toward sharpening the skills of Canadian Armed Forces in case of natural disasters that could occur abroad, Rousseau said.


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Training Exercise Empty Re: Training Exercise

Post by Matrix on Sun 24 Feb 2019, 4:42 pm

CAF Reservists Train for Northern Scenarios in ‘Arctic Bison’ Exercise
February 24, 2019

Training Exercise Canadian-armed-forces
Members of 38 Canadian Brigade Group’s Arctic Response Company Group evacuate their notional cold weather casualty during Exercise ARCTIC BISON 2019 at Silver City, Yukon Territories on Feb 21, 2019. (CPL. MIGUEL MOLDEZ, 38 CANADIAN BRIGADE GROUP)

Members of the Canadian Armed Forces have returned after completing a winter training exercise in the Yukon to prepare them for deployment to Canada’s Northern and Arctic regions.

Approximately 75 Canadian Army Reservists from 38 Canadian Brigade Group, 3rd Canadian Division, conducted Exercise Arctic Bison 2019 earlier this week.

The training scenario had soldiers responding to a fictional incident to establish a secure route between Killarny Research Station and an aircraft crash site. The route took soldiers across 110 kilometres in challenging mountainous terrain to an aircraft crash site approximately 40 kilometres north of Haines Junction.

As part of this task, the Arctic Response Company Group built an austere landing strip intended to establish a resupply system supported by 440 Transport Squadron’s CC-138 Twin Otter aircraft.

38 CBG, being one of the primary force generation organizations for land-based domestic operations in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Northwest Ontario, must be able to provide a relevant, responsive, and effective task-tailored force to respond to any request for assistance by various federal, provincial, and municipal government organizations

“38 Canadian Brigade Group’s Arctic Response Company Group proved to be very proficient in operating in an austere cold weather environment,” said Lt.-Col. Dennis Desrochers, in a release.

“Soldiers, with support from 1 Canadian Ranger Patrol Group, accomplished all tasks in an effective and safe manner. I think Canadians can be confident in our soldiers’ ability to deploy in extreme conditions when they are called upon to support domestic operations or to respond to a Northern incident.”


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