UPDATE – October 20, 2017

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UPDATE – October 20, 2017 Empty UPDATE – October 20, 2017

Post by Accer on Wed 25 Oct 2017, 2:18 pm

UPDATE – October 20, 2017

We are receiving a number of inquiries from class members concerning the progress of the Class Action suit. In every instance, we advise that legal proceedings are by their very nature lengthy. Also, very little information is disclosed or discussed publicly by either party until the matter proceed to trial.

Class action suits are the same.

During that pre-trial period, each party is busy preparing for the eventuality of a trial, and/or mediation and possibly settlement negotiations. Whatever, the respective actions of each party are governed by. and only by, the Rules of Procedures established by the applicable Tribunal

Having said that, to the degree possible, we are committed to keeping this website updated to reflect the progress of this class suit so that all members of the class are provided with the same information and at the same time.


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