Veterans deserve more than terrorism suspects

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Veterans deserve more than terrorism suspects

Post by Trooper on Thu 26 Oct 2017, 8:36 am

Veterans deserve more than terrorism suspects

By The Herald on October 25, 2017


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As the son of a veteran I was proud to grow up at a time and place where veterans were respected and praised for the sacrifices they made to preserve our freedom.

My father and the many others who fought beside him would be devastated to know that the country they fought and died for would pay a terrorist ten million dollars and then cut the funding for wreaths for the Nov. 11 ceremonies. These services have historically been a symbol to honour the members of our armed services — past and present in all communities across Canada.

The ten million was paid to compensate the terrorist for unfair treatment. He lived in a country club setting compared to our young Canadians captured, starved and tortured in places like Hong Kong and Dieppe.

Unfortunately those veterans can no longer be heard. They left the future in our hand trusting we would use their legacy to build a foundation for the future. We have failed miserably in managing their trust.

I am confident that given the opportunity I could find an area in our bloated federal budget to divert funds to ensure wreaths were available to lay at cenotaphs across our nation.

This action demonstrates the disrespect our federal decision makers have for the courage, dedication and sacrifices of our veterans who served and provided an important piece of the foundation of our country.

We will remember them:

Our veterans for ever! Our prime minister and his band of incompetents on election day!

Ross Olive
Merritt, B.C.

Editor’s note: Mr. Olive is referring to Omar Khadr, who received a $10.5 million settlement from the federal government following his imprisonment and torture at the hands of the U.S. military while being held at Guantanamo Bay. The federal government has since backtracked on cutting funding for Remembrance Day wreaths, following backlash from MPs.


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