Why is the Trudeau government fighting Stephen Harper’s battles?

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Why is the Trudeau government fighting Stephen Harper’s battles?

Post by Accer on Fri 03 Nov 2017, 12:36 pm

Governing can be hard work.

Everything you say and do is dissected and critiqued by your opponents and the media and that can be extremely frustrating, I’m sure.

But every now and then, a government is tossed a softball that they can hit out of the park and gain some much needed adulation from the masses.

The Trudeau government has had two such chances in the last while and they swung and missed both times.

The first was when government lawyers asked to continue the legal action that argued that the federal government had no moral obligation for the well-being of Canadian veterans.

The second was this week, when another gaggle of federal lawyers went to court to keep confidential, documents from the Prime Minister’s Office dealing with the Duffy-Wallin senate expense scandal.

Both of these actions were initiated by the Harper government and both times, Justin Trudeau rightly lambasted the government and labelled these actions as undemocratic and insensitive.

Yet now that Trudeau is calling the shots from the corner office in the West Block, he is allowing federal lawyers to continue those battles.

It would have been an easy political win for Trudeau to halt both actions in the name of transparency and fairness.

The fact that he is allowing both actions to proceed is both puzzling and disturbing.


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