'Liberals have let us down,' says frustrated vet awaiting pension decision

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'Liberals have let us down,' says frustrated vet awaiting pension decision

Post by Forcell on Thu 09 Nov 2017, 11:15 am

'I can't trust any of them because they have all sold us short to one degree or another,' says retired soldier


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Re: 'Liberals have let us down,' says frustrated vet awaiting pension decision

Post by Trooper on Thu 09 Nov 2017, 4:32 pm

Who is paying for the transport, meals and lodging for Campbell and Bedard?

I hope the funds are not coming out of the Equitas purse?

I think the Equitas need to focus on the suit, and what Campbell and Bedard do should not be associated with Equitas.

Campbell and Bedard are advocating in their trip to the east, I can save them both time and money, my advice would be for them to make their way back to the airport and return back to their homes. The advocating they are doing is not the right way to approach the fight or agenda. The intention is good, and appreciated but this does not in any way change the fact that nothing will become out of their trip. If it takes this long for Mark to realize you cannot trust anyone in government, he is best to take a break and re - adjust his approach towards his advocating, same with Bedard. People have to realize that nothing comes from negotiating with the government in terms of advocating for Veterans. The government only signs off on movements or legislation, they, the government, PM and his staff, MVA and his staff are going by what the bureaucrats bring forward, negotiating with the PM or the MVA, Senators, MP's, town hall meetings, stakeholder meetings, advisory group meeting, or any meeting having to do with Veterans are useless in this day and age. Nothing will get accomplished by arranging or attending these events or meetings, sure you may end up with a few timbits here and there but that does very little for the average disabled Veteran.

We all know where the problem is, the taken away of the lifelong tax free pension, this is at the top of the issue. I'm afraid to say that the time to address this via the Liberals, has come and gone, you all remember when the government said publicly that Veterans wanted them to take their time and get it right, What Veterans said that?
Today the government has us right where they want us, they will bring forward a pension which will be nowhere near the pension we all thought was coming, it will not be worth the paper it's written on, but the government will say look what we have done thus far for Veterans! To the average Canadian, this will look like gold.

So instead of wasting time and money advocating in a way that has no chance whatsoever in winning, why not stop trying to negotiate with a system that has proven over and over to crush us, and use us to improve their PR image.
It is called, adapt re - adjust your approach in a way that accomplishes your mission. Without this the status quo will remain, and no positive outcome will ever be met.

Canadians need to understand how the bureaucrats run the Veterans file, and are able to get away with it under the watch of the MVA and the PM.
You can throw all the benefits and money out there for all to see, but at the end of the day, if Veterans are being put in a situation where the new charter is far worse than it's predecessor the (pension act), the government is not looking after the well being of Veterans and their families.


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