Career Impact Allowance (CIA) and the Career Impact Allowance Supplement (CIAS)

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Career Impact Allowance (CIA) and the Career Impact Allowance Supplement (CIAS)

Post by Trooper on Mon 09 Oct 2017, 6:56 am

Career Impact Allowance and the Career Impact Allowance Supplement

The Career Impact Allowance (CIA) is a taxable, monthly benefit— payable for life. The allowance is provided when your career options have been limited because of a service-related illness or injury.

Do I qualify?

You may qualify if you have:

  • a severe and permanent impairment for which you have received a disability benefit, and

  • a VAC-approved application for rehabilitation services.

How do I apply?

Your VAC case manager can assist you with your application.

If you do not have a case manager, the staff at any VAC office or Integrated Personnel Support Centre (IPSC) can assist you.

You can also fill out the application


If you are registered for My VAC Account, you can apply online now. If you aren’t registered, why wait?
Register today.

CIA supplement

Veterans who receive the Career Impact Allowance, and who are deemed to have diminished earning capacity, are also eligible for the career impact allowance supplement.

Severe and permanent impairment

This term is used to identify that the Veteran permanently requires supervision, is severely and permanently limited in mobility or self-care, has conditions such as an amputation or a total and permanent loss of vision or hearing or speech, or a severe and permanent psychiatric condition.

Diminished earning capacity

This term means that a Veteran is unable to earn at least 66.7% of their adjusted pre-release salary.

Suitable gainful employment

Suitable gainful employment is a job or career for which you are reasonably qualified by reason of your level of education, training or experience, and that provides at least 66 2/3% of you pre-release salary.



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