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Statistics Canada Letter

Post by Dameon on Tue 12 Dec 2017, 6:13 pm

In the mail today I received a letter from Statistics Canada requesting that I volunteer for a survey on mental health. Apparently I filled out a survey in 2002, and it is vital for this particular study that those who took part back then are the ones that do this survey as well.

I'm thinking, 2002, up to then my big tour was to Italy. After that 3 tours to the middle east did me no favors. Are they absolutely ape shite ga ga? Of course there is a change in my mental health. In 2002 I enjoyed going out of the house to see people. Nowadays I hide as much as possible. My idea of social interaction is booking an appointment with my Psychologist''s secretary.

Oh well, apparently they are going to call me between January and June to book an appointment. I think it is a verbal interview. Not crazy about the idea, but if it will help fellow veterans, I have to try.

Anybody hear about this stuff? Wish me luck.


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