2018 Where do Veterans stand?

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2018 Where do Veterans stand?

Post by Trooper on Mon 01 Jan 2018, 12:05 pm

In my opinion the Veterans file has moved somewhat but remains far behind in fairness, and equality in terms of the system pre 2006.

First what was promised by the Liberals to Veterans have for the most part met the paper written promise. The problem is what has transpired thus far in implementing some of those promises did not come down as what was expected from Veterans. IE: The disability award retro was not a true retro given the fact that the government calculated in reverse the CPI deducting each year, for each Veteran entitled to a refund. The increase to the ELB was implemented, but the minimum set annual income was also changed to reflect a difference in the percentage increase below what was announced. Neither of these detail changes were mentioned in those promises.

Unfortunately what is coming will reflect what was implemented thus far in terms of the true merits of those upcoming implementations, in particular the new Pension for Life.

What we now have is a system that is geared towards transition out of the service to civilian street. The transition that comes with this system is for Medically released Veterans, and regular released Veterans. This is what the focus is on, it is a system that categorizes Veterans who are released in several different stages of entitlements within the system. The most severe medically released Veterans that are at the top of the disability percentage scale receive the most secured financial benefits, however even those at the top still do not meet or is par with the pre 2006 system.

Those that have a say in the Veterans file in terms of running or in charge of the file state that there's more to the Veterans file then just lifelong financial security. Well there's absolutely no arguing with that, of course there's more, but what they fail to see is the fact that the lifelong financial security has to come first, other elements to follow. In today's system other elements are in place and very little lifelong financial security is considered. They are working in reverse trying to sell the merits of a system that has all sorts of benefits, but the benefits in place are not secured, and are not close to the merits of the old pension act. Look at it this way, they are using quantity in terms of what's available today, and what will be available down the road, over quality which came from the old tax free pension act.

I don't think anyone could do the math and prove on paper that the system in place today, comes close to being as good as the system pre 2006. I'm not talking about availability or quantity of benefits, I'm talking strictly quality.
I guess the only ones that really understand is those who are on the old system at 100%. Where are those people? The RCMP and those 100% on the old system, you won't hear or see them coming forward wanting post 2006 benefits. Why is this? Why don't we hear or see those individuals jumping, yelling, and screaming for post 2006 benefits? The answer to this is quite simple, the old system is far better than the new system. But you see the Ministers of Veterans Affairs past, and present praise the new system, say it is better than the old system. They say they will never go back to the old system using those so called elements of benefits that are now available in this new system, as a selling point in their quest to influence the entire audience that what they are saying holds merit. The Veterans Ombudsman says the same exact thing. Why is this? Why is it that some see it in a totally different perspective? Well the answer to this is quite simple, This new system is more complex then the old system, this was done purposely for two reasons, 1. To lead the Ministers to the bureaucrats for how to run the Veterans file. 2. To create future work, and future security for those bureaucrats. So the MP gets promoted to Minister, the Minister goes to the bureaucrats for all directions in the handling of the Veterans. The Veterans themselves, and the Veteran group themselves do not hold anyone to account in the way they approach advocating, for every one suggestion the Veterans or Veteran groups brings to the table, the bureaucrats have a thousand answers to counter the suggestion, or suggestions. This is how it works. The Minister brings everything to the bureaucrats, and the bureaucrats tells or gives the Minister the answer that fits the bureaucrats. Same thing with writing the Prime Minister, and every single MP from every stripe from coast to coast, the answers come from the bureaucrats, and like I said, you can forget about winning anything with the bureaucrats in these particular scenarios because the bureaucrats will beat you every single time.

I believe the bureaucrats run the Veterans file, and the Minister is in charge of the Veterans file. The Minister is not going to go against the bureaucrats over Veterans and Veterans groups.

I believe that the enacting of the new system in 2006 was not so much related to saving funds, but was enacted to produce lifelong security for the bureaucrats.

In all of the articles written in 2017 regarding our file, here is one that to me has to be at the top in terms of the way forward, and the reality that many have yet to understand or believe:


I do believe that the way advocates conduct their business needs a complete overhaul. Change needs to happen within these groups, tactics need to change. Without it, the status quo of the bureaucrats continuing to benefit themselves while leaving us behind will for certain continue. I remember a couple of years ago during a stakeholder summit where some were speaking up against the government, and some Veterans were standing up for the government and speaking against those Veterans speaking against the government, one of them was a strong advocate who now is speaking against the government. There were even some suggesting to wait out on the lifelong pension so they could take their time and get it right. On the advisory group there was one who has a facebook group page who deleted anyone who asked a question, or made a suggestion that the individual did not like. Some were seen speaking against the government but the very next day was posing in a photo op with Kent Hehr. A lot of these Veterans today have now realized that they were dealing with a bureaucratic system that had no intention on implementing anything those Veterans brought forward. Is it a wake up call for those advocates moving forward? In my opinion yes, and no. Yes most have now realized how cruel, and corrupt the system really is, but most are still suggesting negotiation is the way forward, when this clearly hasn't worked in the past. I believe this attitude or direction is made to fail, there's no negotiating with the government, you won't hold the government to account by negotiation. There needs to be a change in direction, and tactics. My intention is not to hammer at those going public to advocate on our behalf, that is always appreciated, but I feel it is necessary to at least give an opinion as to the way I see it, I'm a keyboard advocate which is not really a bad thing in the sense of gathering each ones opinion on the Veterans file. We need this to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

Some will be happy with the way things have unfolded, and the way things will unfold, there's nothing wrong with that, you have every right to believe in what you believe, we are all unique in where we stand within ourselves. I just believe that the Veterans file is far below it's value today compared to where it was pre 2006. I also believe that moving forward no movement will take place to set the course in bringing it's value to that of pre 2006.


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