Ottawa’s treatment of veterans is disgraceful

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Ottawa’s treatment of veterans is disgraceful Empty Ottawa’s treatment of veterans is disgraceful

Post by Spider on Wed 07 Feb 2018, 9:58 am

By Bill Kelly
Radio Host 900 CHML

February 7, 2018


Prime Minister Trudeau’s statement that some wounded veterans are asking for more money than Canada can afford to pay is an affront to our intelligence.

Let’s put this wounded veterans issue in perspective.

Canadian MPs have one of the most lucrative pension plans in the country.

They’re eligible for the plan after six years in Parliament and the longer they stay, the larger their pension.

By the way, taxpayers are obligated to contribute our share of the MPs pension fund no matter what the economic conditions in the country.

In the 2009 recession, while many pension funds took a huge hit, the MP pension was fully funded.

Now, contrast that with the plight of the wounded veterans, who are now taking their fight to the Supreme Court of Canada to get the kind of medical assistance they need and a decent pension that would allow them to live comfortably.

It’s true, both MPs and our military serve our country.

But, one of them sits behind a desk in Ottawa with a generous salary and expense account and a lucrative pension plan, while the other risks life and limb in a war zone thousands of miles from home.

The very fact that we are even having a debate about caring for our wounded veterans is a national embarrassment.

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