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Post by Accer on Tue 13 Feb 2018, 6:28 pm

‎Scott Shaffner One Voice for Canadian Veterans

Feb 12, 2018

Hi to all on One Voice for Canadian Veterans. I know the group and site is undergoing a growth and constructive phase; although, I am hoping to start drawing much needed attention to an important matter that requires public recognition (social media) and support from all Veterans...the sooner the better. It is the present Federal class action lawsuit regarding the wrongful and unjust claw backs of monthly disability pensions affecting approximately 20,000 Veterans. It is the very same matter (clawbacks) as the SISIP Federal class action lawsuit was except the party responsible this time is not SISIP but Veterans Affairs Canada itself. Any Veteran who receives a tax free monthly disability pension (prior to 2006) and received Earnings Loss Benefits and/or Vocational Retraining from VAC between 2006 -2012 had their tax free monthly disability pensions wrongfully accounted for as earned income and deducted from their total monthly coverage. There were also many other Veterans involved who experienced the same wrongful deductions while receiving services from VAC prior to 2006 dating back many years. The Federal Court awarded the return of the monthly disability pension monies to the Veterans in the SISIP case' although, here we are again fighting for the return of the pensions deducted by VAC itself. The law firm representing the case is MDLO/Michael Drapeau’s law firm. The case: Class Action (Toth v. Her Majesty) Veterans. This class action lawsuit is very important to all the Veterans affected and we would certainly appreciate any and all support, help, and public recognition in this matter. Trudeau stated that no Veterans will have to fight the Government again for the support they deserve yet we find ourselves in another Court battle that continues to be delayed and we are not receiving any details as to why from anyone involved. How many Veterans on this site are part of this law suit; does anyone have any idea what is presently happening and why there is such a need for secrecy surrounding this case? Please help support our fellow Veterans involved by sharing and/or liking the post. Thank you. Cheers!


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