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Post by Forcell on Wed 14 Feb 2018, 2:35 pm

Military Minds Inc.

Feb 14, 2018

Mr. Trudeau,
I have some questions for you.

How many space heaters do you have in your father's room to keep him warm? What is the formula the VAC uses to figure out the Years Served/Space Heater ratio? Since the veteran and their family actually have to purchase these space heaters at their own expense, can you tell us who gives a discount on them? Is there a VAC sanctioned space heater store??

And finally, if veterans are asking for more than the country they served has to give: sir, how many space heaters do you have?

Mr. Trudeau, I'd like you to meet John Parnell.

John Served in the RCMP for the RCMP for over 33 years, during his service he was struck by a car at >140km/h while stopping a dangerous driver. He sustained multiple injuries some which would result in him becoming quadriplegic and ventilator dependent.

He has been confined to a single room in the house for over 7 years.
3 years ago Veterans Affairs commissioned a special report to determine how to make the home accessible.
It took until November 2017 for a lift to be put in outside.
Just before Christmas, they halted the construction that would have, finally, allowed him access to the main living area of his home upstairs (kitchen, dining and living room). Their suggestion?

"...put a spaceheater in that other room...."

Literally, knowingly leaving a veteran in the cold at Christmas!

33 years of service Mr. Trudeau. 33 years of service and your suggestion is that the family go out and buy a space heater.

Let's be adults here shall we? The cost of your wardrobe alone would be enough to change this RCMP veteran's, who suffered his injuries while serving, life dramatically.

The next time you tell a veteran who served Canada in any respect that they are "Asking for more than Canada has to give." You'd better be wearing burlap and eating rations out of a bag with a borrowed spoon.

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