Vet says federal Liberals devoid of principles

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Vet says federal Liberals devoid of principles

Post by Trooper on Thu 15 Feb 2018, 7:36 am

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FEBRUARY 14, 2018


By now I suspect that everybody who is anybody in Canada [and quite likely in other countries] has either read about or viewed Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s very callous comment given in response to a serious question put by an injured Canadian veteran of the Afghanistan War.

The veteran — who lost his left leg in an IED explosion — wanted Trudeau to tell him why the Liberal government in Ottawa is not fulfilling its campaign promise of 2015: that is, to respect veterans and restore the previous pension scheme. Trudeau’s comment was that veterans are asking for too much.

The boos that greeted Trudeau’s comment was [and remains] a telling point. That point being that Trudeau and the Liberals cannot be trusted to honour their 2015 commitments. Either that, or Trudeau and the Liberal Party of Canada is not a political party of honesty and decency and has shown that by Trudeau’s comment.

The Liberals’ ongoing response to many queries is to simply blame their ills on the previous government. Such action shows, clearly, the Liberal Party of Canada under Trudeau is devoid of principles and lacks a backbone.

Trudeau’s phoniness is beginning to show through and many, many Canadians are finally waking up to the deceit.

I write as a veteran of the Korean War who receives a 100 per cent disability pension primarily courtesy of the Conservatives. When I initially applied to DVA, then under Liberal ownership, I was rebuffed repeatedly and was only successful with the assistance of a lawyer who went to bat for me via an agency that was set up to aid veterans who were fighting with the Liberal government and its bureaucracy.

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