Justin Trudeau & Seamus O'Regan & Veterans

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Justin Trudeau & Seamus O'Regan & Veterans  Empty Justin Trudeau & Seamus O'Regan & Veterans

Post by Trooper on Fri 16 Feb 2018, 9:13 am

It is clear that both Justin Trudeau & Seamus O'Regan will not budge away from the bureaucratic policies towards the Veterans file.

With the protest yesterday it is clear from what we witness in the number of protesters that Veterans are not buying the Liberals way of running the Veterans file.

As it stands today Canadian Veterans have only two parties to choose from, Liberals or Conservatives. Both are fighting among each other to try and use the Veterans file as a key tactic to score political points.

As I have said many times in the past, the only way to put the Veterans file back on a fairness track is to bring back the old pension portion of the old pension act as it is written in legislation. No party is willing to do this, or even consider it except of course the Green Party which is not in the cards for forming government.

The Veterans file today shadows an insurance system program which is programmed for rehabilitation and rehabilitate to place Veterans back into the work force. The one Veteran - one Standard has all but gone out the window. There's no more sacred obligation that the government fulfills to it's Veterans. The old pension act was a one Veteran - one Standard system that entailed a sacred obligation from the government of Canada towards it's Veterans.

So what do we do?

In my own opinion the only thing to do is to continue to protest throughout the Country to enlighten the public on what is happening from the Veterans perspective. If the two parties want to play each other, so should Veterans play the parties. We need to rally against any government that continues to refuse to bring back the pension portion of the old pension act. Rally to vote the pricks out! Let it be a back and forth thing, we cannot control that, the only thing we can hope for is that one day one party will consider bringing back the old pension.

The worst thing any Veteran or Veteran group can do at this point is to negotiate with the government. We need to completely boycott the government, and continue to focus on our protest.

The following is worth posting for a second time, Power Play from Feb 15, 2018. Pay close attention to what Seamus is saying, and what Sean Bruyea says following Seamus's interview. Seamus is very dangerous for Veterans! We need to boycott the Minister of Veterans Affairs (Seamus O'Regan!



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Justin Trudeau & Seamus O'Regan & Veterans  Empty Re: Justin Trudeau & Seamus O'Regan & Veterans

Post by vet1 on Fri 16 Feb 2018, 9:31 am

My way of thinking exactly. Vote the bums out so they cannot get the 6 years in. NO PENSION for them. Every election time change the party.


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