See you at light up, but next year let’s have it a bit later

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See you at light up, but next year let’s have it a bit later

Post by Forcell on Tue 10 Oct 2017, 12:17 pm

See you at light up, but next year let’s have it a bit later

Tuesday, Oct 10, 2017 06:00 amBy: Barry Kerton

How early is too early?
That is the question I find myself asking about the Main Street Merchant’s Association’s plan to hold the town’s annual Christmas light up festivities on Nov. 3.

In my opinion, Christmas light up should never come before Remembrance Day. Period.

It is a matter of respect. And while I realize that it wasn’t the group’s intention, I feel it is more appropriate if the time leading up to Remembrance Day is devoted solely to honouring veterans.

Although I understand why businesses might want an early start to the lucrative holiday season and use light up to kick off its new late-night Thursday shopping campaign, which starts Nov. 1 and goes up until Christmas, I would prefer a later date.

The first Remembrance Day, in the then Dominion of Canada, was called Armistice was in 1919. Although at the time it was called Armistice Day and it was observed on Nov. 11, the day hostilities ceased in First World War.

Two years later, the date was changed to the second Monday in November, creating a single long weekend linked to Thanksgiving in large part due to pressure from the business community. The business community argued that having a set day that would fall on a different day, usually in the middle of the week would cause too much of a disruption.
However, the new Armistice Day proved to be unpopular with veterans and the public alike and in 1931 the Canadian government voted to move our national day of remembrance to Nov. 11.

Remembrance Day should be more than just one minute, on one day. It is something we, as Canadian Armed Forces veteran Lyle Saumers said during Barrhead Elementary School’s veteran tea three years ago, should be remembered every day.

He is right, but unfortunately very few of us live up to that ideal. And that is the main reason why we don’t need the added distraction at a time of year when our thoughts should be elsewhere.

That being said even though I disagree with the early date, I encourage everyone to participate and enjoy Christmas light up. From what I hear, the organizing is going quite well, I just would prefer them to be a little bit later, say mid to late November.


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