Class Action (Toth v. Her Majesty) Veterans Update

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Class Action (Toth v. Her Majesty) Veterans Update Empty Class Action (Toth v. Her Majesty) Veterans Update

Post by Forcell on Tue 10 Oct 2017, 12:34 pm

Class Action (Toth v. Her Majesty) Veterans Updates

September 12, 2017

We have now agreed with the Department of Justice to delay the Discovery Process until December 2017. This will provides us with more time to complete our preparations and legal research for this important pre-trial procedure where parties exchange information and documents.

UPDATE – JULY 6 , 2017

Who is part of the Class Action Suit? A number of Veterans have been contacting us to ascertain whether or not they are considered part of the Class Action. In each instance, we have advised that last winter the Government of Canada communicated in writing with Veterans  included in the  suit.

How many  are part of the Class Action. We estimate that approx 20,000 veterans would have received such communication from Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC).

Are some WW II veterans part of the class action suit? The answer is yes. Obvious, those eligible veterans are of an advanced age which is a powerful reason for parties to mediate a settlement at the earliest opportunity.

What is the current status of the Class Action Suit? The Government of Canada, through its agents at Justice Canada has committed to either enter into Mediation or commence the pre-trial Discovery Process in December 2017.

What is the purpose of Discovery? The Discovery Process, which is a prelude to a trial, aims at conducting oral examinations of the representative(s) of the opposing party to discover admissible evidence.

* * * UPDATE – March 21, 2017 * * *

The parties are still at the “Discovery” stage. Parties have now delivered an Affidavit that lists all relevant documents in each party’s power, possession or control.

The parties have yet to agree on a Discovery Plan, however. This should be completed later on this Spring or Summer 2017.

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