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Post by Wolfman on Wed Feb 28, 2018 1:21 pm

‎Matt Edwards‎ Observation Post

Feb 28, 2018

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The Turning Of The Tides

An Observation Post Column by Captain (Retired) Matthew Edwards, CD

How the tides have changed in recent years. Once the Pension Act pension was "first payer" & the "second payer" was Canadian Forces' Service Income Support Insurance Plan (SISIP) 901102. Then the Manuge FC 2012 case rendered that position absurd as the clawback was ruled by the justice system to be unlawful. So much for the government's position that the Pension Act pension was first payer!

Then the Pension For Life (PFL: Patent pending) was replaced by a suite of benefits that MVA O'Regan was recently quoted as saying was a generous payment when he was responding to well documented criticism in Sean Bruyea's article. That means Earnings Loss Benefit (ELB) must be first payer, right? WRONG!

Canada has changed the tide. ELB is second payer behind SISIP! How can that happen? SISIP was hardly ever paid & now they say it is first payer in the event of a service disability? How is that possible when SISIP was supposed to "complement" the Pension Act pension when it was introduced in 1969?

I detest the way the government uses "complement." They mean that the PA pension would cover duty related injuries & illness while SISIP would cover the off duty injuries & Illness. Sounds fair, right? WRONG!

Why should the government collect the premium from SISIP & be allowed to escape liability to pay? Every insurance plan has a risk against having to pay or it is NOT insurance. That might be the ultimate achilles heel for any clawback as clawbacks are:

1. A means to avoid liability;

2. An income test, only those with no other income can get it. Income testing takes away the insurance aspect of the plan & creates a form of welfare! Only the needy get it;

So, as usual, contact your Member of Parliament & tell them you want the government to actually pay the insurance that your premium purchased. Otherwise, you were robbed.

The tide must return to it's natural course. That is justice.

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