$33 million given to Afghan Veterans but our soldiers ask for too much?

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$33 million given to Afghan Veterans but our soldiers ask for too much? Empty $33 million given to Afghan Veterans but our soldiers ask for too much?

Post by Forcell on Mon 05 Mar 2018, 11:19 am

By Karan Dullat - March 5, 2018

A 2017 story published by the Toronto Star is now resurfacing in light of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s infamous comment towards a veteran at a Town Hall in Edmonton that many found unpopular.

In 2017 The Toronto Star reported that Canada would give $33 Million to Afghan Veterans.

The Star Confirms that the Foreign Affairs Department contributed the money to NATO’s trust fund for the Afghan National Army. The money will help build the Kabul National Hospital and Rehabilitation Centre.

Just last month Trudeau came under fire for saying “ some (Canadian) vets want more than the government can afford.” The Conservatives then followed by pushing a motion last week asking Trudeau to apologize for his comments. The New Democrats and the Conservatives voted yes on the motion while the Liberal Majority voted no.

Heather Forsyth – Former Minister of the Crown, Member of the Legislative Assembly and Leader of the Her Majesty’s Opposition in Alberta -, wrote on Facebook along with the 2017 Article by the Toronto Star, “ I’m holding my tongue right now this is insane. We give 33 million to Afghan vets and we ignore our own veterans.”

It seems like many Canadians share Forsyth’s displeasure with Trudeau’s recent blunders with the latest ISPOS Poll showing Scheer’s Conservatives in the lead while Trudeau’s Liberals and Singh’s Democrats trail second and third respectively.

And how can you blame them? The Canadian government has with one hand extended massive amounts of aid to foreign groups, and with the other, smacked Canada’s most desperate and deserving.

It’s not only in the case of aid for Afghan veterans. In the recently released budget, we found clauses supporting gender inclusivity, $2 billion dollars in new aid for foreign business, and … not much for support Canada’s own workforce.

That’s a problem.

We pay taxes to make sure our government can help protect us, advance our interests, and ultimately to benefit us and our fellow members of society.

That includes the servicemen and woman who do the protecting. Now I don’t believe anyone can argue that a perfect package can be made. Repeated Liberal and Conservative governments have failed.

The thing that is bothersome though is that this sudden economically Conservative view is something that seems to only come up in regards to the armed forces.

10.5 Million for a terrorist? No problem. Modern jets or good pensions? Time for court.

In many ways, it seems like the government is aiming to win foreign approval through your tax dollars, internal approval through virtue signalling, and balance the whole mess on the backs of the Canadian armed forces.

What’re your thoughts on the Liberals performance in helping Veterans? Let us know below!


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