Entitlement Appeal Panel - Running in Combat Boots

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Entitlement Appeal Panel - Running in Combat Boots

Post by Delta on Fri 16 Mar 2018, 8:59 pm


The Appellant brings his claim forward, seeking pension entitlement greater than two-fifths for his left
pes planus and right pes planus under Subsection 21(2) of the Pension Act.


This Entitlement Appeal Panel must determine the degree, if greater than two-fifths, to which the
Appellant’s right and left foot disabilities arose out of or are directly connected with the performance
of his Regular Force service in peacetime.


The Appellant, now 44 years of age, served in the Regular Force for slightly under 23 years, releasing
in 2008 at the age 41. His service also included a 1988 tour to Cyprus, a Special Duty Area.

In January 2000, the Appellant forwarded an application to Veterans Affairs Canada (the Department)
for right and left pes planus, basing his claim on his career with the Infantry and his running in
combat boots which resulted in the diagnosis of the bilateral disability as well as plantar fasciitis.


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