Vance says he wants more Generals (*Rant Warning*)

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Vance says he wants more Generals (*Rant Warning*)

Post by lyonhart on Thu 03 May 2018, 12:45 pm

Too Many Generals

Interesting article, 130 Generals and we know there is 1 full General and 129 others between Brigadier, Lieutenant and Major General. Let’s see how there pay scale breaks down:

Brid: 1yr $13,340; 2yr $13,697; 3yr $14,074; 4yr $14,442
Maj: 1yr $15,310 2yr $16,188; 3yr $17,099; 4yr $17,983
LT: 1yr $19,647; 2yr $20,208; 3yr $20,768; 4yr $21,300

At the NCM level we are currently short by a large number, and have Corporals covering Sergeant positions and in some areas WO covering CWO's positions.

But hey lets be honest a Lt Colonel or Colonel must not be competent enough to back-up a Brig/Maj Gen position, cause they can't raise their pinky quite high enough to meet the aristocrat's level.

And can you believe he still wants to add more, the TBS sets the budget. The more budget that goes to Senior Officer's wages, the less we have to higher NCM's who actually to the manual labour.


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Re: Vance says he wants more Generals (*Rant Warning*)

Post by vet1 on Thu 03 May 2018, 2:09 pm

Fascinating. I wander how many of them are/will be prominent members of the 'party'; how many are/will be advising (on veterans' matters) to VAC and government.
Maybe one of them will be a new Ombudsman and/or Veteran's Minister?


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