Lloyd joins call for PM to apologize for Edmonton town hall comments

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Lloyd joins call for PM to apologize for Edmonton town hall comments Empty Lloyd joins call for PM to apologize for Edmonton town hall comments

Post by Wolfman on Thu 22 Feb 2018, 3:12 pm

By Jesse Cole, Spruce Grove Examiner/Stony Plain Reporter

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Lloyd joins call for PM to apologize for Edmonton town hall comments 1297999117995_ORIGINAL
Dane Lloyd, the Conservative candidate in the riding's upcoming byelection, drew ire from many for comments he made in 2009.

Conservative MP Dane Lloyd has called for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to apologize to Canadian veterans for comments made during a recent town hall in Edmonton.

Lloyd, who represents the riding of Sturgeon River — Parkland, made the comments during question period on Feb. 15, while speaking in favour of a Conservative Party motion dealing with increased support for veterans.

Titled the Support for Veterans, the motion was introduced by Brantford—Brant MP Phil McColeman. The motion calls on Prime Minister Trudeau to apologize for comments he made at a recent town hall event in Edmonton. During a question by a Canadian veteran, Trudeau was quoted as saying that veterans were asking for more than the government could give at the moment.

During the initial question, posed by veteran Rock Blaszczyk, Trudeau doubled down on his government’s dedication to veterans saying that the disparity in lump sums is a result of further investment in veteran’s services.

“We cannot return to the amount of money that was given before without accounting for the money invested in services for veterans,” he said. “And what I know from veterans I’ve spoken to is nobody wants — after having served their country with valour and honour and sacrifice — to have their government say ‘Here’s your cheque. Now don’t bother us anymore.’”

A member of the Canadian Forces Reserves, Lloyd said that the issue was both personal and pertinent to his community.

“This is an important issue for me personally and my riding of Sturgeon River — Parkland. In my constituency we have one of Canada’s largest military installation at the Edmonton Garrison. The communities surrounding the Garrison are the homes of many who serve and who have served Canada,” Lloyd said. “In communities like Morinville, Bon Accord and Gibbons, Alta., you’re likely to run into a member of the Canadian Armed Forces at the local Tim Hortons. It’s no surprise to see a military vehicle or tank driving down our streets and I am proud to represent a military community.”

The bill also calls on the Prime Minister to fulfill what the Conservatives call a broken campaign promise to veterans to re-introduce lifelong pensions for injured veterans. Lloyd further disparaged the Liberal government, saying that he was disappointed in government and the Prime Minister.

“I’m disappointed with this Liberal government and this Prime Minister who does not seem to understand the gravity of his responsibility and his obligation to our men and women in uniform,” Lloyd said.



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