Treatment of disabled Vets

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Treatment of disabled Vets

Post by Trooper on Wed 14 Feb 2018, 6:30 pm


Feb 14, 2018

Disabled Veteran Brock Blaszczyk asked Prime Minister Trudeau his question regarding the poor benefits affording Canada`s disabled Veterans. To quote Trudeau, he said: Veterans are asking for more than we're able to give.

During question period in the House of Commons you are requested to stand up for Canada`s disabled Veterans who seek fairness in the application of the previous Pension Act for Canada`s disabled veterans. Let us remind you that the Equitas Law firm must now continue with their class action law suit to the Supreme court of Canada.

Another quote from Prime Minister Trudeau August 24, 2015, "If I have earned the right to serve this Country as your Prime Minister, no Veterans will be forced to fight their own Government for the support and compensation they have earned." Needless to say that we now know why less than 30% of recruits re-engage to serve our Country.

In the last election campaign Canadians choose to eliminate the undermocratic views of the Harper Government and elected a inconsiderate Trudeau. Governments gives out billion of dollars to foreign countries and war criminals but now have no money left to support our disabled veterans who left their families to support and protect Canada.

Veterans are disgusted with the lack of compassion afforded to our veterans and their families. Members of the opposition you are requested to unite and stand up on behalf of Military/RCMP Veterans during question period in the House of Commons.

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