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Post by Trooper on Sat 07 Oct 2017, 7:35 pm

Forum Overview

Welcome to the Canadian Veterans Support Forum.

 The Forum will guide and help disabled Canadian Veterans obtain benefits that are available for application through Veterans Affairs Canada, and from other sources that are available for application.

The Forum will also work to allow for discussions in topics that relate to Canadian Veterans in General, those exiting the Forces, and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

The Forum will also display a category for Benefits for Survivors. (Widows)

News will be posted to keep us up to date on the surroundings that relate to Veterans in general, and to educate us on the ongoing work that is being done to better the Veterans file.

A General News Category is available for news that pertains to Veterans, and beyond that pertains to general news worldwide.

Categories that are locked are for set principals of the forum, used for references allowing the references to be kept organized in order to have an organized Library available for all members and guest.

The objectives of the forum is to help fellow members, and guest obtain and or apply for benefits that are available for application. What's posted, and discussed comes from various sources such as personal experiences, other sites, news, and various departments that make up the Veterans file.

The Forum is never about proving each other wrong, we must work together, respect one another to allow the Forum to function properly in allowing the info/help to get through. We will do our best to provide as best we can accuracy in the info that is provided, however, nothing is absolute, so it's best to look at what is presented, and do some of your own research to validate the info you have received. We want to make it a bit easier, less stressful to the Veteran by communicating among the Veteran family.

Please ask questions, as the answers to the questions come together to form a discussion that should lead to an answer. All info posted will remain on the Forum, this info will always be available for future references.

I hope you all enjoy the Forum, it is Veteran friendly, and getting support from a fellow Veteran is the only way to go.



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